5 Mart 2010 Cuma


before you start, i want to warn you about something. this is a totally irrelevant blog which is written for only my dear friend MÖ (no she is not a cow, these are just her initials) i'm sure you don't want to waste your time on it.


consider it, you have a friend who upsets you very often but you can't give up on him. besides, he is a real basterd and you know it very well but there is nothing you can do but ''.................................................''

fill in the blanks using your sentimentality. you can be cruel as well.

assume that you are an ugly man. first, feel yourself. you know that you are ugly (of course you can see yourself in the mirror you are not blind) and there is a very beautiful girl who likes you very much. would you be realistic or would you act like you don't realize the facts?

answer the question after you think like one minute or so. be honest.

think about one of your bestfriends. she is in trouble with her mind which plays with her frequently. she makes mistakes and doesn't learn from them and it makes you irritated. even if you know that you have to be there for her, you have to go abroad to do some useless things. what would you do for her?

you are expected for being creative while you are solving this case.

imagine that you are struggling an important issue with important people. but one of your friends suffers from hyperactivite at the same time. you have to do something for her because she has no other friend to keep her calm. what would you do if you had just one shot?

p.s: do not use 'i would hire someone to keep her calm' statement since it is easy to find. you have to find divergent solutions for that case.

each case you have to solve is given 10 minutes. you have total 40 minutes. good luck and may the force be with you.

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